Welcome To The Brotherhood
In Unity We Stand Strong

What's Rush

Rush is a period during the school year for students who may be interested in being a part of Greek life to attend a variety of events. Through these events held during Rush, you can learn more about our fraternity as well as to get to know our Brothers on a personal level. Rush is open to anyone from any background. We encourage you to come out to these events as this is a chance for us to get to know each other on a personal level. All events hosted by us are FREE and non-obligatory.

Pledge Brother Line
Fraternity Rush Period

How Do I Join?

We will invite individuals who are interested in becoming members of Nu Alpha Phi Fraternity, Inc. and who also exemplify qualities of a potential member. Bids will be extended throughout the duration of the rush period. These bids are an invitation to become part of the new member intake process. Individuals may choose to accept or deny the bid.