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In Unity We Stand Strong


In the spring of 1994, eight students at the State University of New York at Albany gathered to discuss the issue of establishing a strong Asian-interest organization on campus. The men aimed at tackling a number of goals, namely spreading Asian-awareness on the university campus and building a strong bond of brotherhood between the individuals.

These eight men elected amongst themselves one man, Albert Yip, to be the primary founding father, and on March 18, 1994, Nu Alpha Phi was founded. Together, these eight men persevered to create the fundamental learning process that is still used to this day for all prospective members. The major intent of the process was to instill the Seven Principles of Brotherhood, Discipline, Leadership, Pride, Professionalism, Service, and Unity into members’ everyday lives. The Founding Fathers’ belief was that it was through this process that they proved to one another – as well as to future members – that their bond would withstand any hardship.

Brother Thanksgiving Football
Fraternity Crest


Alpha Chapter (Α) - University at Albany

Beta Chapter (B) - City University of New York

Gamma Chapter (Γ) - Stony Brook University

Delta Chapter (Δ) - University at Buffalo

Epsilon Chapter (E) - New York University

Zeta Chapter (Z) - Binghamton University

Eta Chapter (H) - Syracuse University

Theta Chapter (Θ) - Stevens Institute of Technology

Iota Chapter (I) - Rutgers New Brunswick

New Member Education

The New Member Education is designed to teach new member intakes about the intake process, the history of the Fraternity, and the 7 principles of the Fraternity. New Member Educators are responsible for bridging relationships between new member intakes and actives, as well as the Fraternity as a whole. Nu Alpha Phi Inc. is a non-hazing fraternity and any misconduct is strictly prohhibited.

Rutgers New Brunswick Iota Chapter Crossing