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Our Brotherhood is comprised of Alumni who are thoroughly active in engaging with its younger members and improving our image, and of present students driven to excel who are determined to advance Nu Alpha Phi in any and every way possible. Spanning over two decades in existence, one fact still remains: how close-knit we are as a fraternity is second to none, and you are welcome to witness it for yourself. If you are ready for an experience of a lifetime that will drastically change your destiny forever, Nu Alpha Phi is the fraternity that can certainly provide that for you.

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Internally, the fraternity emphasizes brotherhood and promotion of self-development for all of its members, as encouraged by its seven fundamental principles of Brotherhood, Discipline, Leadership, Pride, Professionalism, Service, and Unity. Members are taught to use these principles in everyday life to promote personal growth. These ideals are brought upon prospective members, as well. Additionally, the fraternity promotes brotherhood through events such as alumni networking, job banks, sports competitions, and road trips. The fraternity actively seeks to integrate its members into the local community through social events, on-campus performances, and participation in various cultural organizations. Although the fraternity asserts itself as an Asian-interest organization, it openly welcomes members from any ethnicity or cultural background, and its membership has continued to increase in diversity over the years.












In the summer of 1996, Nu Alpha Phi was officially incorporated. As such, Nu Alpha Phi Fraternity, Inc. assumes the legitimate body of a national corporation. In this enterprise, our goal is to expand and uphold our Brotherhood and become an evermore prominent body in the Asian-American community today. Our organization cultivates strong leaders – and even stronger individuals. Our alumni base supports this – by providing the necessary guidance and resources to our undergraduate establishments. Our vision on any campus is to continue on this legacy, and we make sure this happens. We only recruit dedicated individuals who are interested in continuing on the tradition that our organization has upheld. We want leaders who are capable of perpetuating this vision. And by starting a chapter, you will gain the full support of our current chapters, undergraduates, and alumni.

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